Toddler Activities:  Cornucopia Thanksgiving Paper Craft


Toddler Activities: Make a Cornucopia with Fruits. Make your own Thanksgiving cornucopia with construction paper with a little glitter paint or glue. Simple paper craft that makes a pretty decoration or a card for Thanksgiving.


cornucopia paper craft
  • Free Printable Cornucopia Pattern

  • Construction Paper (brown, yellow, purple, red, orange, white) or use only white and color with choice of crayons, markers, color pencils or paint.

  • Crayons or Colored Pencils (easiest)

  • Sheer Glitter Paint in gold or silver or Glitter Glue and brush.

  • Scissors

  • Elmers Glue or Glue stick for best results


  • Print out our free pattern or free hand cut fruit shapes in construction paper.
  • Trace shape onto construction paper of color choice and cut out.

  • Use crayons to add details to the fruit.

  • Glue on the pieces onto a white construction paper.

  • Use sheer glitter paint to cover entire picture.

Cornucopia Facts

The cornucopia is a sign of food and abundance. In modern day depictions, the cornucopia is a hollow, horn shaped wicker style basket filled with fruits and vegetables. In North America, the cornucopia has come to be associated with the Thanksgiving holiday.

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