Toddler Activities: Hot Cocoa Cones


Toddler Activities: Hot Cocoa "Ice Cream" Cones for Christmas Gifts or Stocking Stuffers. Add chocolate chips or Christmas Sprinkles with Marshmallow and top with a gumdrop for a cherry.


cocoa cone
  • 2 Clear Cone Shaped Pastry Bags

  • Small Bowls

  • Spoon

  • Two Twist Ties or two small rubber bands

  • Hot Cocoa Mix

  • Small Marshmallows

  • One red gumdrop

  • Mini Chocolate Chips

  • Ribbon

  • Small Gift Card

Other Materials

  • Small measuring cup with lip

  • Scissors


making a cocoa cone gift
  • Put marshmallows in a bowl.
  • Put the Chocolate Chips in a second bowl.
  • Pour three or four packets of cocoa into one of the cone shaped pastry bags.
  • Twist right above cocoa and secure with a twist tie or small rubber band.
  • Trim extra plastic on top leaving about an inch.
  • Place cocoa filled pastry bag into another empty pastry bag.
  • Place three to four tablespoons of chocolate chips so that they are layered on top of the cocoa.
  • Add marshmallows to form the top layer.
  • Place Red Gumdrop on top.
  • Twist the bag shut and secure with twist tie or two small rubber bands.
  • Add a ribbon and gift card.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Cone Shaped bags were found at stores carrying cake decorating supplies.
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  • The small no-tangle elastic hairbands for children work really well to secure bags.
  • If using a tin of cocoa, measure cocoa into a small measuring cup with lip for easier pouring.
  • Adult will need to hold bag when spooning in marshmallows so that they form a layer on top of the cocoa and don't slide down the side.
  • If you are making more than 4 of these, buying a can instead of individual packets will be less expensive
  • Small rubber hairbands work well in tying plastic bag and are less visible.
  • Suggested Note on Gift Tag: "Here is a gift that will warm you up. Just add some hot water, and stir into your favorite cup." In smaller print, add the directions from the bag or the tin.