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States and Countries

States and Countries Baskets

learning about Hawaii DESCRIPTION

Create a basket for a state or country that your child or students are learning about. This is a great way to reinforce facts visually, hands on and orally.


  • Construction paper or cardstock or photo paper

  • Basket
  • Markers or labels
  • Small Souvenirs
  • Flashcards (optional)
  • Fun Facts about the state printed on a card
  • Worksheet/quiz (optional)


    1. Find pictures online for the state map, bird, animal, flag, fruit or flower.
    2. Print a map of the state
    3. Collect items like small souvenirs to add to the basket like key chains, post cards, news clippings, book marks, stubs, pamphlets.
    4. Label items on the back or make separate cards for children to match items with.
    5. Create a list of interesting facts on a card for fun.
    6. Create a worksheet for each child to fill out after going through the items.


  • Laminate photos for longer lasting items or print on cardstock instead of photo paper.
  • Collect magazine photos
  • You can find a lot of pictures on the internet (photos should be researched by an adult)

    We found baskets at Dollar stores that fit 8.5 x 11 inch paper or slightly larger. Lightweight, colorful and stackable, they are great for sorting all types of activities and papers.

    learning about states

    learning about states Here is how items can be stored in the baskets:

    Here are some books that would be a great way to introduce this activity. You can also find books specific to a particular state. Maps are available at your

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