Bean Collage

Count, sort and create! Using various beans create an abstract collage or a fun one. Make shapes, letters and animals. Could be an art activity for a plant unit as well.

bean collage


  • 1 Bag of Soup beans (4-6 children)Or a variety of beans pre-sorted if preferred

  • Small Dishes or paper plates for Beans

  • Oaktag or Cardboard

  • Craft Glue (dries stronger, faster) much easier to set beans in place.

  • Q-tips for individual placement of beans

  • Small sponge brush to apply glue in areas where beans will be randomly placed.

gluing on beans to make a collage


  • Read a book if you are doing this as an activity. We have a few suggestions below.
  • Sort and Count beans if you'd like to add that as part of the activity.
  • Discuss size and color and shape of beans. Talk about what bean would be good to use for the ground, animal or object you are making.
  • Draw with pencil lightly a sketch of what you would like your bean collage to look like.
  • Plan a picture on a workspace and then glue beans onto the cardboard.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Plan your picture before you start gluing. It will help to decide on the size of board you need as well as to consider how it will look when finished.
  • For small beans we brushed on small areas of glue in a thick layer and then sprinkled the beans.
  • Print out pictures of a book if you are using the story to generate pictures.

Other Ideas

  • Make simple patterns with the beans. Provide a lined piece of cardboard with rows for them to glue their patterns on it.
  • Write their first name on a piece of cardboard and have them glue on beans to form the letters.
  • Make a simple outline of a picture for younger children and have them glue on the beans to decorate.