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Toddler Activities: Salt Dough

Toddler Activities: Saltdough for Any Day!

every day salt dough DESCRIPTION
Salt dough can be used every day, not just for the holidays! Here are some ideas for using salt dough for every day activities.


  • See Here for the Salt Dough Recipe
  • Cookie Cutters or Play Dough cutters
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Alphabet or Number stamps
  • Make your own stampers with buttons glued to dowels or Round Slot Clothespins
  • For edges use: chopsticks, pie crimper, fork, or a square or round dowel.


  • Non-toxic paint tempera or acrylic
  • Crayons
  • Yarn, ribbon or twine to hang
  • Glitter paint or glue
    1. Make salt dough as instructed in recipe.

    2. After pieces are dry, brush off excess flour.

    3. Decorate with paint, glitter glue, or crayons.

    4. Use twine, yarn or ribbon to hang piece.
    5. Write name and date on back for future reference!


  • If you make your own stampers, make ahead of time. Liquid Nails works well to adhere buttons. This is to be done by an adult only.
  • The Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set is a great set for kids. No sharp edges and cutters for all occasions. Letter and number cutters included as well. The only flaw I found was they don't easily fit back into the container provided unless you place smaller hearts into the larger ones and do this for all the shapes in varied sizes.


  • Great recipe to write out to for your child to follow as you make the salt dough.
  • Helps to build fine motor skills.

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