by Linda Hahner
(Santa Cruz, California, USA)

Literacy Center Education Network

Literacy Center Education Network

It is the Literacy Center Education Network’s mission to deliver free, high-quality, professionally-designed, education material to children around the world. Last year our website had more than thirty million page views from children in 220 countries.

The LiteracyCenter.Net preschool curricula are designed specifically for use in hectic, over-crowded classrooms where teachers have access to computers and high-speed Internet access but no budget for well-designed learning programs. At this time, the LiteracyCenter.Net specializes in number and letter recognition. Each curriculum is based upon a modified Montessori approach that encourages concentration and builds self esteem. Because there is a clear correlation between early second language learning and later excellence in math, science, and physics, all preschool activities are offered in more than one language. All language lessons are modular and mapped exactly to the original English lessons. We utilize organization, simplicity of form, and interactivity to help children recognize and remember both simple and complex concepts. Every day, parents and teachers around the world access our free material in homes, classrooms, computer labs, and libraries.

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