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Toddler Activities: A Preview of Valentine's Day Crafts

Looking for Ideas for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is February 14th. Here is a summary of fun toddler activities you can find at teaching tiny tots to celebrate Valentine's Day. Most require less than 5 different materials and many are inexpensive and easy to obtain. The crafts are simple enough that it can be easily done either at home with your children or as a classroom activity.

thumbnail candy heart topiary Candy Heart Topiary
Cute Candy Topiary makes a pretty Valentines centerpiece.

thumbnail valentines salt dough hearts Valentine's Salt Dough Hearts

Make pins, magnets or tie ons with cute salt dough hearts. Offered is a variety of techniques to brighten up those hearts.

thumbnail cinnamon cookie Heart Pomanders with Cinnamon Dough

Using cookie molds, cinnamon dough and crayon, make this beautiful gift.

thumbnail conversation hearts Conversation Hearts

Conversation hearts make fun pins, cool magnets or even a cute "candy display".

thumbnail soap Soap!

Melt and pour pretty heart soaps for Valentine's Day! Easy variations for coloring.

thumbnail stained glass heart mobile Stained Glass Heart Mobile Colorful Mobile with Wax Paper Hearts and Crayons.

thumbnail stained glass card Stained Glass Heart Card A card using stained glass hearts.

card holder Card Holder A cute card holder for collecting and displaying Valentine's cards from friends and family. Great toddler activity for the classroom.

thumbnail valentines pin Foam Conversation Heart Pins

An easy craft that is also a great classroom activity.

heart project Dainty Hearts

An easy craft using just two colors makes a pretty heart display that will brighten any room, or may even be used as a gift card.

heart-bracelet Heart Bracelet

Make a cute valentines bracelet to wear or as a gift for mom or someone special. Add charms or other shaped beads for variation.

heart keychain Heart Keychain

A heart keychain or card embellishment. Add a few charms or even a ribbon to tie on to a Valentine's gift.

thumbnail heart Heart Decor

Make a heart paperweight or decorative heart to hang. An easy individual or classroom activity.

thumbnail love bug Love Bug Magnet

Make a cute love bug magnet or love bug pin!

thumbnail photo frame Rhinestone Photo Frame

Decorate a frame with rhinestones or painted pieces to frame that special picture.

thumbnail heart crayon Heart Crayons
Make fun heart shaped crayons.

thumbnail heart card Valentine's Heart Card

A pretty heart card with a little sparkle!

thumbnail heart card Valentine's Pop-Up Heart Card

A simple card with a little surprise.

thumbnail swedish heart Valentine Swedish Heart
Make this cute heart pocket out of foam or construction paper.

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