Reading Can Be Fun! Come Hear a Story From Mrs. P

by Mrs. P was created with the goal of giving kids the wonderful experience of having a trusted, skilled storyteller read them classics of literature. Rather than simply presenting an audiobook, Mrs. P recreates the look and feel of “story time,” a magical ritual many kids might not otherwise get to enjoy.

Mrs. P reads classic children’s stories that have proven their value through the test of time. The authors whose work is presented on are the finest writers who ever lived. Most important, Mrs. P believes that as at your local library, all of the stories on her website should be available to everyone for free – always. A new book is added to the Magic Library each month to keep her shelves ever-changing and exciting.

Reading aloud is one of the most important ways to interest kids in books. When you read to a child, you encourage them to use their imagination as you engage their curiosity. When you read aloud, you are also stimulating language, memory and cognitive skills; with even the smallest toddlers, you are helping lay the foundation for school readiness.
Mrs. P invites adults to enjoy, as well as learn from, an engaging and practiced storyteller. Kids love to hear different voices, accents, animal sounds and more when being read to, and Mrs. P’s “prior life” as an acclaimed actress has made her a master of bringing stories to life. When children enjoy a skilled storyteller, they want more, they look forward to the next book, and the experience often compels them to read on their own.
Hearing words read aloud is important, but seeing the words as they are read can also help beginning readers learn to more quickly and easily improve their skills. Of course, many readers of all ages sometimes need a little more help than others, and being able to see the words can make a world of difference to them as well. Schools with ESL programs have also discovered that the ability to “see” words can be of great benefit to their students. For all these reasons and more, has added to all of her stories an

option to “show me the words,” which offers easy-to-follow subtitles during the video. And for kids who encounter new words they don’t know, Mrs. P also offers a “Magic Dictionary” that gives them a fun and quick way to learn the definition.

Mrs. P believes that encouraging kids to enjoy and follow along with classic stories is only one part of engaging the young reader. Inspiring them to create their own stories is another. Mrs. P recently held her first kids' writing contest, which drew delightful and clever entries from across the country, boasted celebrity judges and which is now an annual event. A new, interactive reading-challenge, currently in development, will help make reading books competitive good fun for kids everywhere.

Mrs. P believes that reading should be fun, and even enjoys singing about it. She has created a video of “Listen Up, Kids!” -- the catchiest tune this side of Snow White’s Castle. It’s free on YouTube and at iTunes under the banner “Mrs. P Presents.”

Opening a book is like taking the first step on a great adventure. Mrs. P's goal is to give kids a ticket for an amazing and enriching journey that will last the rest of their lives. Join her at!

About Mrs. P Enterprises, LLC.
Mrs. P Enterprises, LLC, was founded in 2008 by Hollywood team Clay Graham, Kathy Kinney and Dana Plautz. After having built successful careers in television and New Media, the three creators of were brought together by a love of reading and a desire to help spark that same passion in young people everywhere. The company endeavors to expose young people to great books and stories through a celebrity storyteller and to spark their imaginations and creativity with on-line games and writing contests. Its production offices are located in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California.


Mrs. P is a wonderful free resource for children. It is my true belief that after 13 years of teaching elementary school that one of the keys to success is reading.

We are very honored here at Teaching Tiny Tots to have the support of such sites as

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The best!
by: Kathleen

I am not a parent, but an Aunt who read to her now grown nieces & nephews on a regular basis. That tradition of reading was passed down from my parents and taught me not only the value of books, but gave me priceless memories created when you share literature. The nieces & nephews are all grown now and have children of their own. Because the kids of today are more plugged in, this is a great way for parents (and Aunties!) to blend that technology with the tradition of reading enjoyment. We all enjoy Mrs. P's renditions! Kudos to Mrs. P (Ms. Kinney) for providing a site where we adults know our kids are safe and having "travels of the imagination".

Mrs. P and a happy home
by: Allison Light

Can I tell you how much calmer and happier my home is when the kids are listening to Mrs. P tell a story from iTunes than when my kids are playing videogames or watching some loud, obnoxious cartoon? Even the dog seems happier. Thank you, Mrs. P!!

Whar a Lovely Idea!
by: Kate Becker

Mrs. P has taken the idea of a free public library and translated it to the internet in a way that engages young readers and captures their imaginations. Kids nowadays are so plugged into the technology of the times, so bringing them the joys and challenges of reading in this new environment is a genius idea. Congratulations, Mrs. P, and keep up the great and important work. You're a national treasure!

Love the Reading Song
by: Francis

My kids are dancing around singing. Yes, apparently reading is fun indeed. Thanks for sharing this incredible site. Did you realize this is T.V. star Kathy Kinney from the Drew Carey Show? Neat that she is devoting herself to inspiring kids to read.

Love Mrs. P
by: Anonymous

She sure does make reading fun. I just downloaded one of the videos from iTunes for my new iPad, and WOW, does it look amazing. My kids love having her read them stories. They also love the show me the word option too. Can't believe this site is Free. Thanks Mrs. P. and Tiny Tots for sharing this resource.

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