My Daddy Taught Me to Surf (New Children's Book)

by Joseph Tomarchio
(submitted by Joseph Tomarchio)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joseph has been a father for 3 ½ years and a surfer for 27. From the moment he learned he was going to be a father, he knew that the joys and life lessons that he experienced with surfing were one day going to be passed onto his child. This desire along with a complete inability to draw allowed him to work with his closest friend, Shane Lasby to bring together a small testament of this love for surfing and their children into a book that they both believe will help foster these lessons for any parent and child. Joseph lives and surfs in Charleston, SC with his wife Allison and son Jonah.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: I have always been an artist of some fashion for as long as I can remember. This has always been a dream of mine to share the images that my heart can set forth from
head to my hands.
Growing up and surfing in Cocoa Beach, Florida has taught me exactly what Joseph and I have accomplished in this children's book. Having two little girls of my own has also shown me the true value of what this life offers through patience and perseverance, but all the while keeping me very young at heart. The boy in My Daddy Taught Me to Surf is the child in all of us, still living and learning every day.

Synopsis: Ride along as one boy bonds with his father and learns about surfing in this fully illustrated, charming book which teaches surfing basics and terminology, while passing the traditions of surf culture from one generation to the next. With pages on how to paddle out, pop-up and the parts of waves and surfboards, My Daddy Taught Me to Surf is an entertaining introduction to the world of sand, surf, and sunrises for any young surfers and his parents.

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Our new childrens book, My Daddy Taught Me to Surf is now available on in Paperback and Hardcover.
Paperback: My Daddy Taught Me to Surf
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