Making Minty Chocolate Soup & Snacks Too

by WritewhereUr

This is a fun “activity” that takes something old and turns it into something new and different!

Portion into individual snack sized zip lock bags 1 pkg hot chocolate, 1 large Marshmallow, 1 teaspoon minty flavored chocolate chips (the green & black ones are great), 1 cinnamon stick.

Give each child 1 picnic sized plastic knife, a plate or small cutting board. 1 or two small sized cookie cutters (something wintry like snowflake, star, gingerbread), 1 piece of bread (you might even be able to sneak in a healthy whole grain variety of bread into this activity) and a teaspoon of peanut butter or jam.

Heat some water to just below boiling. Give the children a fun child sized cup. Let them make their own cup of minty soup while you read them a storybook. They can put the powdery mix into their cup, help them pour the hot water. In the meantime they can “cut up” their own marshmallow into small pieces to put into the chocolate soup and use their stir sticks (cinnamon) to mix it up. While their hot chocolate is cooling…

Let the child toast their bread and use their cookie cutters to cut their piece of toast into shapes while they listen to the story being read. By the time they spread their peanut butter or jam on their toast and eat it…the minty chocolate soup should be ready!

If your child doesn’t enjoy mint…this can also be done with peanut butter chips for those who do not have peanut allergies! Then the title of the recipe would be peanut butter chocolate soup! :)

Have fun making memories!

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Making Minty Chocolate Soup & Snacks Too
by: WritewhereUr

Mother Connie...come on over and bring your paper dolls; they will be the hit of the party. We shall have a lovely time. We shall eat, drink and be merry...just for the fun of it! Thanks for commenting.

I wanna play, too, please!
by: Connie Baum

That sounds like such a great idea. What a fun way to plan a "menu" for a kids' party.

Tell ya what: I'll bring my paper dolls and my very own cup and we'll meet in your kitchen, where you can demonstrate and I can sample for quality control.

Sound like a plan?

What an adorable site this is! I'll be sending this URL to my daughters and sons so they can make this kind of soup, too!

Hugs from Mother Connie

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